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Notes to Heaven by Dave Stahla

Audio processed; original song by Dave

The vocals were brought out to their own acoustic space and the stereo was optimized - what do you think? Try listening to your recording first, and then listen to this one. This is an MP3 file - not as good as WAV. I made this the last song on my Reverbnation page - this is temporary.

This is the animation I am working on - this is the first frame. Pictures are symbolic of what we go through in life. When we lose someone, it is like going through fire; planet has volcano, etc.

Musical notes come out of volcano inferno...

Musical notes stream out of fire as volcanic lava grows on surface of planet...

“Notes to heaven” rises from melted lava and then notes rise to heaven...

Heavenly background

Angels lifting piano as it descends down from stars to heavenly throne...

Musical notes would come up into picture, flying around heaven. Animation would be mixed with real photos of the band playing the song (or just you, close up), and other video footage I have of interesting effects.

These are my ideas - what do you think? Let me know on Facebook.